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We offer you flight experience to challenge your adrenaline in the sky with our professional certified pilot and our aircraft.

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Get more flying experience in a Hobby Oriented flight training program for you who have a desire to take your flying hobby seriously.

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Join Our Pilot Community and Ab-Initio Community, Sharing, Discussion and Maintain your Knowledge about Aviation in our Forum and Gain your flight hours. Come, Learn and Fly!

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Capt. Sigit H. Samsu

Evan Ekaputra
Janrico Edward
Revi Prasetio
Siti Fathonah
Hendro Sumartono



Capt. Sukandar with IFC Boards (Sigit H. Samsu, Cheppy Nasution, Untung Medianto, Firman Darmawan Soenoto)



Indonesia Flying Club is now present as a non-profit organization with OC 91-022. We are here to provide affordable access for aerospace sports lovers, Aviation Geek, Plane Spotter, Adrenaline Junkie and Aerophile to be closer to Aviation world by providing 3 (three) special units of Cessna 172/PK-IFD certified aircraft, Cessna 152 / PK -IFC , Cessna 152 / PK-SA316 and experimental aircraft such as Tecnam, Searay Amphibious and Jabiru series.

By providing these fleet and hangar facilities, Indonesia Flying Club wants to be a venue for those who have the passion to fly, our new motto "Dare to Fly Higher" started from the process of renovating the hangar and providing all aircraft under the authority of Federation Aero Sport Indonesia (FASI) and Indonesian Flying
Club, which licensed and have clear legality of insurance documents.

In carrying out an active national ordinance, Indonesia Flying Club has collaborated with the Federasi Aero Sport Indonesia (FASI) through a Cessna 152/PK-SFR aircraft grant to Pekanbaru Province FASIDA and actively developing Aero Sport together with Jogja Flying Club by sharing an experimental aircraft unit Jabiru
J430/PK-S264 as one of the facilities for developing Aero Sport activities.


Starting from a group of Aero Sport enthusiast using Experimental aircraft by Halim Phillips Soelistio, Nurrachman Pudjo, Basuki, Firman Darmawan, Chepy R. Nasution, Capt. Faisal Adrian Zein. Indonesian Flying Club was formed legally on April 13, 2004 by the founders with the intention of this flying club to become the home of Aero Sport enthusiast.

The founders finally decided that the Aero Sport activities should be centered in the Swayasa Hangar - FASI Pondok Cabe. This hangar was built by several Swayasa FASI activists, coordinated by the Kartowisastro brothers (Herudi - Hertriono) and team (1985) and perfected by Bakat Purwanto and team (1998).

The routine activity of the Indonesia Flying Club is a Joyflight over Pondok Cabe area, and there are cross-country activities, several events that have been followed are Cross-Country with Experimental aircraft in Malaysia and initiated the phenomenal Aero Sport event Buleleng Fly-In (2001-2006), Pekanbaru Aero Sport
Show (2004).

Indonesia Flying Club AB Initio Pilot and President Club in Gathering Event once a year

To accommodate members who want to become pilots, the Indonesia Flying Club provides a program for hobby-based pilots by providing training to get a Sport Pilot License (SPL) certificate, and members who want to become certified Commercial Pilots we collaborate with a flight school Genesa Flight Academy for a
fix wing and rotary wing.

With the Indonesian Flying Club's compassion and concern for AB-initio pilots in entering their careers, we
dedicate the Cessna 152 aircraft unit as a supporting facility for the program to gain flying hours and facilitate them in increasing knowledge and sharing aviation knowledge by senior pilots/pilot instructors in order to maintain AB -initio professional skills and maintain knowledge before finally becoming a commercial pilot


Nostalgic Joyflight After 44 Years since 1979 with Capt. Berry & Capt. Novyanto

“Pada hari Minggu (04/12) Indonesia Flying Club memfasilitasi kegiatan Rusty Pilot Program, dalam kegiatan kali ini bertajuk - Rusty Pilot Nostalgic Joyflight, kali ini selaku PIC adalah Capt. Novyanto...

Garuda Mercedes-Benz Community Joyflight at Cibubur 2022

“Pada hari Sabtu (05/11) Indonesia Flying Club memenuhi undangan dari Garuda Mercedes-Benz Community dalam kegiatan club member joyflight di kawasan Cibubur jakarta timur, dalam kegiatan ini...

Kunjungan PN INDO ke Hangar IFC dalam rangka Kegiatan Aero Leadership

“Pada hari Sabtu (29/10) Indonesia Flying Club menerima kunjungan dari siswa-siswi Perkumpulan Mahasiswa Penerbangan Seluruh Indonesia atau PN INDO dalam rangka...

Kunjungan SMPIT Azmia ke Hangar IFC Pondok Cabe Tangsel

“Pada hari Jumat (30/9) Indonesia Flying Club menerima kunjungan studi dari siswa-siswi SMPIT Azmia. Puluhan siswa yang datang sangat antusias...

STPI Bergabung Di IFC Beri Pelatihan Tambahan Pada Pilot Ab Initio

“Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia (STPI) Curug tergabung dengan club IFC. Menilik peran sebagai akademisi maka Stpi Curug berkomitmen...


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